Maxthon Browser: Review

Attractive features to look out for:

1. Easy-on-the-Eyes Reading: The browser is equipped by two modes, Reader Mode and Night Mode.  

2. Magic Fill: You don’t need a plugin to store all your usernames and passwords, there is a pre-installed plugin for that as well.

3. Ad Hunter: Automatically blocks unnecessary pop-ups.

4. SkyNote: Save notes and access them at any moment, comes with an advantage of syncing them across Windows, Macintosh and Android.

5. Snap: Maxthon comes with an attractive pre-installed feature , save any screenshot of the webpage you are currently working on.

6. Private Browsing: Feature similar to Google Chrome’s Incognito window.    


1. HTML5: Excellent HTML5 support. Scores 457 points in the HTML5 Test.

2. Extensions: Decent collection of Extensions.

3. Syncing: You can sync you’re data across Windows, Macintosh and Android.


1. Poor Interface: I know that aesthetics are not that important, but Maxthon fails to deliver a good interface.

2. Navigation: The navigation between the tabs could be a bit more smoother. Also once you close all the tabs, the browser doesn’t shuts down (as in most of the modern browsers).


Maxthon Cloud browser Available on:

Windows, Mac, iOS and Android


Have a look at the HTML5 Test report.

Visit Maxthon Cloud Browser’s website.


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