Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Recently unveiled Graph Search, which is the new Social search by Facebook. Graph Search is not a web search but searches your Friends, your connections and a lots more on Facebook. Graph Search lets you find relevant content with keywords such as “photos of my friends that I like” or “Photos of friends of friends that live in India”. Facebook has its own database of information about people that is not as big as Google’s database formed by web crawling but is more relevant for the users. Facebook has more than 1 Billion people sharing things, liking things, posting photos, etc.

Facebook is trying hard to make the search as natural as possible, as relevant as possible and looking at the current demos and videos, seems like they have devoted a lot of time for this. Facebook also integrates Bing into it, making it easier to search the web also.

This is the Facebook try of what Google wanted to do earlier by giving users personalized results. Facebook has more personal data than Google, so maybe Facebook will win the personalized results war.

Photos: TheVerge


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