Asus Vivo Tab RT Review

Asus recently launched the Vivo Tab running Windows RT, priced at $599 for 32GB Version and $699 for 64GB version, seems to a good choice.


This tablet has a 10.1 inch Super IPS+ Screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768, which is pretty good. The tablet has a 8MP rear shooter that can record videos at 1080p, this also has a 2MP front facing camera. The Asus Camera app gives the user a lot of options to play with like filters.


This tablet also supports a Dock that is available for $199, this helps to use this tablet as a Laptop for many other purposes. The dock has a track-pad, a full keyboard, USB port and a big battery. The dock weighs nearly the same as the tablet. The dock helps a lot into making it a multipurpose device, but its screen size is not so good for the same.


The tablet comes with Windows RT (Windows 8 version to run on ARM). Because of this, this can not be used for running desktop apps. This will run apps that are certified by Microsoft to run on ARM platform and will be available from the Windows Store. There is a desktop mode in Windows RT but it’s primarily for Office and per-installed apps.


Under the hood, Vivo Tab runs a 1.3Ghz Tegra 3 processor, which has proven itself to be a good processor. The processor has a pretty good graphics handling and can be uses to play games on it, tough Windows Store currently doesn’t have any heavy games. The device in total has a pretty good performance.


Overall, Asus Vivo Tab RT is a good tablet to own if you are not into running Desktop apps much.


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