Write for us!

We love to blog, and maybe you too. We give you a chance to submit blog post to Virtuaniz. So, What you have to do?

All you have to do is to email your articles to write[at]virtuaniz[dot]com, keeping these points in mind:

  1. If you are writing a general technology news, it should be within the word limit of 500 words. And if, you are reviewing a device/product the article should have a minimum of 1000 words.
  2. Post should be well formatted and organized.
  3. It should be taken care that all the information is correct, include your source if required.
  4. It should have some supporting images.
  5. Author must provide their details like Name, Age, Email and some optional details are contact number and Social profiles.
  6. We do not allow any outgoing links in the post, internal linking is ok.
  7. Most Importantly, the provided content must be original.

Just take care of the things above and we’ll contact you further and will inform you about the quality and changes if required.

Happy Blogging!