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YouTube Incapable of Counting Views on PSY’s Gangnam Style


We have all associated PSY’s Gangnam Style video to breaking records, but what it did today was really surprising. Instead of breaking records, this time it broke YouTube itself. Yes, that’s right – YouTube cannot count the number of views beyond the current number of views on PSY’s Gangnam Style dance video (which...


AirType: A Device that will let you type without a Keyboard


Typing trend has changed phase after phase. It started right from those noisy keyboards to now present, noise-less keyboards. In addiction, the trend shifted from a physical to a touch screen keyboard. But some geeks in Austin, Texas couldn’t wait to take typing to a new level. That’s where the...


Lenovo S860 Review – Big Screen, with Android Jellybean


Lenovo, as we discussed in our previous post, has adopted a policy of manufacturing economical, yet amazing smartphones. But what accompanies is the high-specifications smartphones, which are meant for people who cannot compromise on anything. Keeping users demand in mind, Lenovo came up with Lenovo S860. The S860, is meant...


Vine – Twitter’s new video sharing app


Twitter lately introduced Vine, its new video-sharing app that lets users capture short looping videos. Today we’re launching Vine, a new mobile service that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos. With Vine, capturing life in motion is fun and easy. ~ Vine’s Blog Vine also announced that...