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Flashback 2014: Top 10 Smartphones Launched


When we thought the mobile revolution was over, the smartphone makers hit us with some of the best phones we have ever seen. Although they too had their share of hits and misses from bend-gate to gap-gate, 2014 was full of surprises. Here is our list of best phones of...

10 New and Interesting Features of Microsoft Windows 10


Microsoft announced its latest upgrade in the operating system with the launch of Windows 10 in a keynote today. The leap made by Microsoft by choosing Windows 10 as the new name after the Windows 8.1 points out to the major changes and advancements introduced in this new operating system....

10 Most Awkward, Unintentionally Registered Domain Names


Here are some domain names that were registered unintentionally, but we feel very awkward to pronounce or read them loud. Don’t believe me? Go ahead. 1. Actually: Pen Island About: Many companies specialize in custom pens in bulk orders of hundreds or thousands of units, but where do you...