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BlackBerry Messenger vs WhatsApp – Comparison!


BlackBerry Messenger, which recently emerged as a popular messaging application, ever since it has gone cross-platform. WhatsApp has always been a popular messaging application since its launch and recently crossed the 500 million user mark. But when it comes to features and how reliable an instant messenger is, there is...

iPhone 5s: First Impressions


I’ve had the iPhone 5s for four days now and it’s by far the most seamless mobile experience I’ve ever enjoyed. From the high-powered processor to the beautifully optimised iOS7, I find it hard to fault Apple’s latest handset. So this is a little run-down on how I’ve found the...

Google patents facial gesture security for Android


Google has filed a patent that will allow Android phones to be unlocked through facial recognition software. The patent describes a feature that compares “facial landmarks” from an initial image and a secondary image. It will require the user to perform a facial gesture such as sticking their tongue out,...