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OnePlus One Open Sale on 10th Februrary


The ‘flagship killer’, OnePlus One, for the first time in India, will go for an open sale. An unspecified number of units will be go on sale on 10th Februrary 2015¬†at 10am IST via Amazon India. Unlike any previous OnePlus One sale in India, this time customers won’t require any...

Cyanogen ditches OnePlus for Micromax YU Devices in India


A bad news for all the OnePlus fans as well as the company, is that Cyanogen signs a deal with Micromax, making the CyanogenMod exclusively available to devices of the Micromax YU range in India. This deal has supposedly created disturbance to the OnePlus One launch in India, which is scheduled...

How to buy the OnePlus One in India with


Assume we need to solve a simple math calculation. 1+1. Now go ahead into Google and type ‘one plus one’. I can assure you, the answer will not be two, but rather the new ‘flagship killer’ smartphone, OnePlus One. All set to release on 2 December in India, people may...