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How to buy the OnePlus One in India with


Assume we need to solve a simple math calculation. 1+1. Now go ahead into Google and type ‘one plus one’. I can assure you, the answer will not be two, but rather the new ‘flagship killer’ smartphone, OnePlus One. All set to release on 2 December in India, people may...

HTC One Google Edition gets a release date


The much awaited HTC One Google Edition has now recieved a launch date. The phone will be made available through the Google’s own Play Store by June 26 with a price tag of $599. With this price tag and launch date, the HTC One will collide head to head with...

Microsoft unveils the new Xbox, Xbox One

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Eight years before, the Xbox 360 was launched. And yesterday, we witnessed the announcement of an all new gaming console by Microsoft, “Xbox One”. Here is the event roundup, highlighting all the features that were unveiled by Microsoft is yesterday’s event. “Where all of your entertainment comes alive in one...