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Samsung Galaxy S7: All you need to know!


So, the rumors have started flowing in for the Samsung’s new upcoming Flagship, S7. After finally paying heed to customer outcries, Samsung absolutely killed it with its metallic-glass design for the S6. The camera was spectacular and specifications were top notch as well. But in spite of hitting a homerun...

Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7

Features, Specs Comparison: Samsung Galaxy J5 & J7


Mobile phones, since invented has completely revised and transformed the channel of communication in the world. Every country has one or the other king brand that has won the market. In India, Samsung is the ruling brand in mobile phones. Lately in June 2015, two new models by Samsung made...

Kinivo BTX270 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker: Review


Kinivo with its right Research and Development has always succeeded in creating powerful speakers, keeping the portability factor and functionality in their mind. The speaker about which we’ll be talking about today, is a masterpiece packed in a little cuboid and enables you to play your favorite music without the...


OnePlus One to Receive the Lollipop Update this month


With a series of hiccups in the last few months, OnePlus has made an official statement regarding the next update to its Operating System. And as you might be aware, that there are two categories of OnePlus One devices in the market as of now – one running the Cyanogen CMOS...


8 Things You Should Know About Samsung Galaxy S6


After helplessly watching Apple sell a record number of iPhones and rake in massive profit last quarter, Samsung finally decided to do something about their failing premium phone business. If that wasn’t enough,disappointing sales and customer outrage over a sub-standard Galaxy S5 didn’t make things easier for the tech giant....


Xiaomi launches GoPro Rival – Yi Action Camera for 399 CNY

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The Mobile World Conference (MWC) 2015 has featured some spectacular launches including flagship devices from Samsung and HTC. Now the Chinese smartphone giant, Xiaomi, has launched it’s GoPro competitor – the Yi Action camera. It will be available immediately in the companies home market China for 399 CNY ($64), a...