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Instagram Adds New Creative Tools To Edit Photos


Instagram users made several requests to add more filters and take editing beyond the limited filters. The popular photo sharing application, Instagram took these requests seriously and has taken a step forward. They have introduced some creative tools to add life to your photos and make them look fresh. The tools...


Facebook Allows Restaurants To Upload Menus On Their Pages


With the increasing number of restaurant pages on the popular social network, Facebook has finally confirmed the addition of the Menus tab on the Facebook Pages for restaurants, which shall be placed adjacent to ‘Likes’ and ‘Photos’ tab. With the increase in the number of foodies on Facebook, restaurants have realized...


Facebook Reportedly Developing Snapchat Rival – ‘Slingshot’


The recent change in the demand, from personal computers to mobile has affected the internet giants, both in a positive and a negative way. Facebook, which initially started as a website, later launched a mobile application with its increasing demand. Recently, Facebook acquired WhatsApp, the popular Instant Messaging Startup. “WhatsApp...


WhatsApp Now Has 500 Million Active Users


A day without Mobile Internet is a nightmare for many people around the globe, since there are applications without which one cannot expect their day to run smoothly. WhatsApp is one such application, and according to the recent announcement by the messenger, WhatsApp has crossed the 500 Million user mark!...


How to get Rs. 200 for free to spend in India?


We love shopping for sure, and we love free stuff even more. Taking that advantage, some companies are targeting advertising and marketing on these principles of giving users some money to spend and loyalty rewards. We’ll talk about one such app in this post and also guide  you through to...


Vine – Twitter’s new video sharing app


Twitter lately introduced Vine, its new video-sharing app that lets users capture short looping videos. Today we’re launching Vine, a new mobile service that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos. With Vine, capturing life in motion is fun and easy. ~ Vine’s Blog Vine also announced that...