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iPhone 5s: First Impressions


I’ve had the iPhone 5s for four days now and it’s by far the most seamless mobile experience I’ve ever enjoyed. From the high-powered processor to the beautifully optimised iOS7, I find it hard to fault Apple’s latest handset. So this is a little run-down on how I’ve found the...


Champagne Coloured iPhone snaps leaked


You might be able to get your hands on a golden iPhone come September. Leaked snaps of Apple’s upcoming handset seem to show a champagne-tinted blower, posted on Japanese mag website ASCII Plus. The photo shows the shiny new chassis set alongside the standard black and white models, and the...

Nokia Lumia 1020 revealed


Nokia wowed the tech world yesterday by dropping the latest Lumia handset. The Lumia 1020, clad in a black-and-yellow unibody, is their most camera-centric device yet. In fact, it might even be its only unique selling point when it comes to competing with the other high-end smartphones on the market....

Low-cost ‘rainbow-phones’ rumoured for Apple


Apple is reportedly tasting the rainbow this week, as rumours emerge regarding a new coloured iPhone range. Chinese tech site WeiPhone leaked an image of the alleged chassis that is set to bring some life back to the arguably stale iPhone. The new casing definitely looks more plasticky, which makes...


Google reveals “balloon-powered internet”


So what is Google’s latest reveal? Balloon-powered internet. Their latest brainchild, dubbed Project Loon, is set to bring internet access to millions of people across the globe, particularly those who do not currently benefit from cabled connectivity. The way the project works is that a number of balloons are sent...


Google patents facial gesture security for Android


Google has filed a patent that will allow Android phones to be unlocked through facial recognition software. The patent describes a feature that compares “facial landmarks” from an initial image and a secondary image. It will require the user to perform a facial gesture such as sticking their tongue out,...


Glass won’t use facial recognition, says Google


Google have updated their Glass developer guidelines to disallow facial recognition apps for their high-tech eye-wear. The post expressly forbids applications that will allow the identification of anyone other than the Glass user. The update reads as follows: “Don’t use the camera or microphone to cross-reference and immediately present personal...


Playstation 4 wins over Xbox One in the poll


The PS4 seems set to trump the Xbox One in the upcoming console clash of the titans. A recent Twitter poll by found PS4 enthusiasts with 88% of the vote share, compared to the Xbox One crowd’s relatively lackluster 12%. The gaming news-site’s poll encourages users to tweet using the hash-tag...