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Karan Uppal is the Editor-in-Chief for Virtuaniz. He is currently a bachelor student of Computer Science at Bangalore and is working with a few start-ups. Karan is a keen learner and loves to travel. He loves reviewing gadgets and claims them to hold an important part in his life. Follow him at @freezethinker to get his updates.


Xolo Era 3 Smartphone Review: Hello, Selfie Enthusiasts!


In the era, where the smartphones have become an integral part of our ecosystem, choosing the right one becomes very crucial. With the dynamic range of the smartphones, it becomes a tough choice for the users to match their needs, their budget and the other factors. So, focusing on one...

mobile number portability in india

How to apply for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) in India?


Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a popular term used worldwide, which basically means that the telecom users in a specific country retain their mobile number and still can switch their operator. Started in United Kingdon in the year 1999, the technology has been widely accepted around the globe and have...

LeEco LeTV Le 2 Full Review

LeEco Le 2 Review: Best Budget Smartphone of 2016?


It’s not been long since we reviewed the previous model of the current generation device, the Le 1S. To be honest, I wasn’t very impressed with the device since it had numerous issues popping up every second day. The most disappointing features of the smartphone were, the ultra slow & inaccurate...

Battery Smartphones

Removable vs. Non Removable Battery: Advantages & Disadvantages


Cellular phones have evolved from the typical feature phones, which used to be fairly popular until the new generation phones, the smartphones took over. As the smartphones evolved, they incorporated great features in every upgrade. If we look at what smartphones were 3 years back, we would be astounded to imagine 3...

Asus Zenfone Max 2016 Review

Asus ZenFone Max (2016) Review: Goodbye Portable Chargers!


Gone are the days when people had to carry a large power bank, along with their expensive smartphones with pathetic battery backup. Asus’ new ideology changes the entire scenario and the way you look at smartphones, in general. Their latest offering, Asus ZenFone Max is certainly a disruptive smartphone considering...