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How to buy the OnePlus One in India with


Assume we need to solve a simple math calculation. 1+1. Now go ahead into Google and type ‘one plus one’. I can assure you, the answer will not be two, but rather the new ‘flagship killer’ smartphone, OnePlus One. All set to release on 2 December in India, people may...

Lume Cube: The Portable Flashlight for your Smartphone


Pictures hold a special place in our hearts, everyone wants to be able to capture the memories and freeze them in time forever.Over the years, phone manufacturers have spent a lot of time and effort into designing a suitable camera for their phone. However, the major problem faced by these...

Impossible: World’s Most Portable Electric Bicycle


The attempt to establish electricity as an alternate source of energy to power vehicles for consumer industry has been an ongoing process with companies like Tesla being a beacon of hope for those hoping for a clean economy. It’s heartwarming to see a group of four engineers come together and...

Samsung Launches Galaxy Note 4 in India at Rs. 58,300


Samsung launched its flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 4, today at a starting price of Rs. 58,300 with an MRP of 61,500. Available for purchase a day before Diwali, releasing alongside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we can expect some fierce competition, not only from these phones, but...