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Solution: How to Fix Issues with Netflix on Android N


When Google announced Android N Developer Preview, you could see how they wanted to ensure that the final release to the masses is bug-free and therefore take in and solve all the bugs that are reported. Apple was the first to the game, where it has been releasing the Public Beta...

WhatsApp App on Dekstop

WhatsApp Announces Desktop Apps for Mac and Windows


WhatsApp answered a ton of prayers when it released a working web application last year. The limitation was that the web app was essentially a Chrome app so if you did not have Google Chrome on your laptop, you would not be able to send across WhatsApp messages from your...

Instagram is Testing a New Black and White Design


Just over a year or so ago, Instagram got a makeover post its acquisition by Facebook where the aim was to make the overall design sharper and flatter. It looks like the design team at Instagram is hard at work again with them testing a new black and white design....

After Hyping it for Days, CREO Announces the Mark 1


If you have been surfing the internet in the past month or so, there is no way you would have missed out on looking at a CREO ad, in there somewhere. The India-based startup has been hyping their upcoming device, the CREO Mark 1 for a while now, promising you...

Meizu Announces the Meizu M3 Note


With the likes of Vivo and Oppo upping their game in India, the presence of Chinese blockbusters is not just limited to Xiaomi or Lenovo or even OnePlus. As a result, the brands that were initially only China exclusive are moving to India in an attempt to widen their reach...

Sony Xperia X Series launched at MWC 2016


The Mobile World Congress currently going on in Barcelona has seen a lot of smartphone launches in the past two days. Samsung launched the new Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge while LG unveiled the G5, their flagships for the year 2016. Sony joins them with the launch on...