About Us

With the aim of setting a benchmark in technology journalism and Computer Science, Virtuaniz went live in the fall of 2012. For all of us here at Virtuaniz, “Technology Matters” is more than just a slogan or saying, it is something that reflects our approach to every interaction with our audience. We focus primarily on gadgets, tutorials and technology news. We hand-pick the best stories from the ever-expanding world of technology and computer science. With our team of skilled writers, we provide quality content to our audiences. At Virtuaniz, we provide a platform for our readers to ask queries and also at the same time express their opinions openly.

The Team

Karan Uppal, Editor in Chief

Location: New Delhi/Bangalore, India

Karan is currently a bachelor student of Computer Science at Bangalore and is working with a few start-ups. Karan is a keen learner and loves to travel. He loves reviewing gadgets and claims them to hold an important part in his life. “I’m happiest when left alone with internet connection and food.” Follow him at @freezethinker to get his updates.

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Akshat Mittal, Editor & Webmaster

Location: New Delhi, India

Akshat is a technology enthusiast who loves to code. He is currently a student living in Delhi who is a web designer and an app developer. He calls himself lazy, which gives perfect explanation of his desire to automate the things he can. He likes to write technical and descriptive. Follow him at @itsreallyakshat.

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Saurav Anchlia, Deputy Editor

Location: Bangalore, India

Saurav Anchlia is currently pursuing his Bachelors of Engineering in Bangalore. Saurav is an ardent reader and a passionate debater. He writes for the love of technology and english as a language. Follow him at @SauravAnchlia.

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Vidit Bhomawat, Senior Author

Location: New Delhi, India

Vidit Bhomawat, a gadget freak and a student from Delhi who loves new innovations and playing around with gadgets.

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Aditya Gupta, Author

Location: Jaipur, India

A compassionate supporter of gadgets and dedicated to informing those around him. Aditya Gupta is a high school science student from Jaipur, Rajasthan. He covers the topics which he feels are not covered anywhere else so that more people get involved in the world he loves so much. After graduating from high school in 2016, he plans to start his under-grad studies in Computer Science.

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Ashvin Suresh, Author

Location: Mumbai, India

Ashvin is a voracious reader and a keen enthusiast when it comes to anything technology. In his spare time he loves to research on new inventions, plays basketball. To accompany all of that he is a part time gamer. You can follow him on twitter @AshvinSuresh10.

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