A Rasberry Pi Case released that costs less than $9

Rasberry Pi PC case

If you are anything like me, you were surely intrigued by the cost, size and concept of Rasberry Pi. For those who don’t know what Rasberry Pi is; Rasberry Pi is a very cheap, small and powerful computer manufactured by The Rasberry Pi Foundation. From the moment Rasberry Pi reached the shelves, sales and news covering is boosted like anything simply because of its affordability and size. The only thing that could bug to Rasberry Pi was its chip-like design, to address the issue, the Rasberry Pi foundation has officially released a case for its Rasberry Pi Model B and Model B+ computers. They noted that with Model A+ boards, although they fit the case, the USB port is buried inside it. The case is very much compatible with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and Raspberry Pi Model B+.  Like the computer, the case itself is extremely cheap coming in at $8.59 (Rs. 540).

The Construct has a five-part enclosure made up of ABS injection-molded plastic that clips together with a removable lid for easy access to the display and camera ports, as well as removable side panels for easy access to the GPIO pins. With the Construct available in a two-tone white-top and raspberry-bottom color design, the top frame is also removable for easy viewing of the insides and the power, and the activity lights are visible through the end of the case. It also features anti-slip feet for a stable Raspberry Pi computer and great access for the Ethernet jack, the four USB ports and the microSD card slot.

The Rasberry Pi Case is now available in the company’s base, UK, at Swag Store, element14 and RS Electronics. The Raspberry Pi Foundation is expecting their other partner retailers to be selling the cases soon.

Aditya Gupta

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