Android’s Google Play beats Apple’s App Store in Download Numbers


As per the latest year-in-review for 2014 by App Annie, a data-tracking firm, Google Play has outpaced App Store in terms of number of downloads in 2014. However, the report also suggests that the revenue generated by App Store was more than Play Store. Also, according to the year-in-review by App Annie in 2013 the Google Play was ahead in number of downloads in 2013 as well.

Revenue Generation 2013-2014 (Source: App Annie)

Revenue Generation 2013-2014 (Source: App Annie)

The report suggests that App Store generated 70 percent more revenue in 2014 than Google Play did. According to it Google Play faced 60 percent more downloads than App Store.The report states that the three major revenue was generated from US, Japan and South Korea. The three countries togeather generated more than rest of the world put togeather. Brazil, India, Russia and China doubled their revenue generation since last year, reads the report.

The reason of more downloads on Google Play is the fact that 84.4% of the worldwide market share of smartphones is held by Android.

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