Unicode standard 7.0 includes over 250 new symbols, here’s a list

A new Unicode standard, version 7.0, was released on 16 June 2014 and adds over 2,800 new characters, 2,834 to be exact. This list does not only includes new scripts but also includes a number of new set of emoji (pictorial symbols), including a set of most awaited icons too. You can find all the symbols here.

Tech Giants including Microsoft, Apple and Google are expected to push new system and font updates to devices that includes the support for this new standard soon. There are currently no fonts available with support of full Unicode 7.0 charset, but we expect to see them soon.

Talking about the characters included other than emojis, they include 23 lesser-used and historic scripts and additions to already existing scripts. These scripts includes languages used in Asian countries including India and China with addition of Africa.

New blocks in Unicode 7.0 from the Unicode website are listed as follows:

Block Name
Combining Diacritical Marks Extended
Myanmar Extended-B
Latin Extended-E
Coptic Epact Numbers
Old Permic
Caucasian Albanian
Linear A
Old North Arabian
Psalter Pahlavi
Sinhala Archaic Numbers
Warang Citi
Pau Cin Hau
Bassa Vah
Pahawh Hmong
Shorthand Format Controls
Mende Kikakui
Ornamental Dingbats
Geometric Shapes Extended
Supplemental Arrows-C

Talking about the emojis included in Unicode 7.0, the list is quite large with over 250 additions. Here’s a list of them (274 symbols), while icons are available here.

  • Thermometer
  • Black Droplet
  • White Sun
  • White Sun With Small Cloud
  • White Sun Behind Cloud
  • White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain
  • Cloud With Rain
  • Cloud With Snow
  • Cloud With Lightning
  • Cloud With Tornado
  • Fog
  • Wind Blowing Face
  • Hot Pepper
  • Fork And Knife With Plate
  • Heart With Tip On The Left
  • Bouquet Of Flowers
  • Military Medal
  • Reminder Ribbon
  • Musical Keyboard With Jacks
  • Studio Microphone
  • Level Slider
  • Control Knobs
  • Beamed Ascending Musical Notes
  • Beamed Descending Musical Notes
  • Film Frames
  • Admission Tickets
  • Sports Medal
  • Weight Lifter
  • Golfer
  • Racing Motorcycle
  • Racing Car
  • Snow Capped Mountain
  • Camping
  • Beach With Umbrella
  • Building Construction
  • House Buildings
  • Cityscape
  • Derelict House Building
  • Classical Building
  • Desert
  • Desert Island
  • National Park
  • Stadium
  • White Pennant
  • Black Pennant
  • Waving White Flag
  • Waving Black Flag
  • Rosette
  • Black Rosette
  • Label
  • Chipmunk
  • Eye
  • Camera With Flash
  • Film Projector
  • Portable Stereo
  • Lower Right Shadowed White Circle
  • Upper Right Shadowed White Circle
  • Notched Right Semicircle With Three Dots
  • Symbol For Marks Chapter
  • White Latin Cross
  • Heavy Latin Cross
  • Celtic Cross
  • Om Symbol
  • Dove Of Peace
  • Right Speaker
  • Right Speaker With One Sound Wave
  • Right Speaker With Three Sound Waves
  • Bullhorn
  • Bullhorn With Sound Waves
  • Ringing Bell
  • Book
  • Candle
  • Mantelpiece Clock
  • Black Skull And Crossbones
  • No Piracy
  • Hole
  • Man In Business Suit Levitating
  • Sleuth Or Spy
  • Dark Sunglasses
  • Spider
  • Spider Web
  • Joystick
  • Left Hand Telephone Receiver
  • Telephone Receiver With Page
  • Right Hand Telephone Receiver
  • White Touchtone Telephone
  • Black Touchtone Telephone
  • Telephone On Top Of Modem
  • Clamshell Mobile Phone
  • Back Of Envelope
  • Stamped Envelope
  • Envelope With Lightning
  • Flying Envelope
  • Pen Over Stamped Envelope
  • Linked Paperclips
  • Black Pushpin
  • Lower Left Pencil
  • Lower Left Ballpoint Pen
  • Lower Left Fountain Pen
  • Lower Left Paintbrush
  • Lower Left Crayon
  • Left Writing Hand
  • Turned Ok Hand Sign
  • Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed
  • Reversed Raised Hand With Fingers Splayed
  • Reversed Thumbs Up Sign
  • Reversed Thumbs Down Sign
  • Reversed Victory Hand
  • Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended
  • Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers
  • White Down Pointing Left Hand Index
  • Sideways White Left Pointing Index
  • Sideways White Right Pointing Index
  • Sideways Black Left Pointing Index
  • Sideways Black Right Pointing Index
  • Black Left Pointing Backhand Index
  • Black Right Pointing Backhand Index
  • Sideways White Up Pointing Index
  • Sideways White Down Pointing Index
  • Sideways Black Up Pointing Index
  • Sideways Black Down Pointing Index
  • Black Up Pointing Backhand Index
  • Black Down Pointing Backhand Index
  • Desktop Computer
  • Keyboard And Mouse
  • Three Networked Computers
  • Printer
  • Pocket Calculator
  • Black Hard Shell Floppy Disk
  • White Hard Shell Floppy Disk
  • Soft Shell Floppy Disk
  • Tape Cartridge
  • Wired Keyboard
  • One Button Mouse
  • Two Button Mouse
  • Three Button Mouse
  • Trackball
  • Old Personal Computer
  • Hard Disk
  • Screen
  • Printer Icon
  • Fax Icon
  • Optical Disc Icon
  • Document With Text
  • Document With Text And Picture
  • Document With Picture
  • Frame With Picture
  • Frame With Tiles
  • Frame With An X
  • Black Folder
  • Folder
  • Open Folder
  • Card Index Dividers
  • Card File Box
  • File Cabinet
  • Empty Note
  • Empty Note Page
  • Empty Note Pad
  • Note
  • Note Page
  • Note Pad
  • Empty Document
  • Empty Page
  • Empty Pages
  • Document
  • Page
  • Pages
  • Wastebasket
  • Spiral Note Pad
  • Spiral Calendar Pad
  • Desktop Window
  • Minimize
  • Maximize
  • Overlap
  • Clockwise Right And Left Semicircle Arrows
  • Cancellation X
  • Increase Font Size Symbol
  • Decrease Font Size Symbol
  • Compression
  • Old Key
  • Rolled-Up Newspaper
  • Page With Circled Text
  • Stock Chart
  • Dagger Knife
  • Lips
  • Speaking Head In Silhouette
  • Three Rays Above
  • Three Rays Below
  • Three Rays Left
  • Three Rays Right
  • Left Speech Bubble
  • Right Speech Bubble
  • Two Speech Bubbles
  • Three Speech Bubbles
  • Left Thought Bubble
  • Right Thought Bubble
  • Left Anger Bubble
  • Right Anger Bubble
  • Mood Bubble
  • Lightning Mood Bubble
  • Lightning Mood
  • Ballot Box With Ballot
  • Ballot Script X
  • Ballot Box With Script X
  • Ballot Bold Script X
  • Ballot Box With Bold Script X
  • Light Check Mark
  • Ballot Box With Bold Check
  • World Map
  • Slightly Frowning Face
  • Slightly Smiling Face
  • North West Pointing Leaf
  • South West Pointing Leaf
  • North East Pointing Leaf
  • South East Pointing Leaf
  • Turned North West Pointing Leaf
  • Turned South West Pointing Leaf
  • Turned North East Pointing Leaf
  • Turned South East Pointing Leaf
  • North West Pointing Vine Leaf
  • South West Pointing Vine Leaf
  • North East Pointing Vine Leaf
  • South East Pointing Vine Leaf
  • Heavy North West Pointing Vine Leaf
  • Heavy South West Pointing Vine Leaf
  • Heavy North East Pointing Vine Leaf
  • Heavy South East Pointing Vine Leaf
  • North West Pointing Bud
  • South West Pointing Bud
  • North East Pointing Bud
  • South East Pointing Bud
  • Heavy North West Pointing Bud
  • Heavy South West Pointing Bud
  • Heavy North East Pointing Bud
  • Heavy South East Pointing Bud
  • Hollow Quilt Square Ornament
  • Hollow Quilt Square Ornament In Black Square
  • Solid Quilt Square Ornament
  • Solid Quilt Square Ornament In Black Square
  • Leftwards Rocket
  • Upwards Rocket
  • Rightwards Rocket
  • Downwards Rocket
  • Very Heavy Solidus
  • Very Heavy Reverse Solidus
  • Checker Board
  • Reverse Checker Board
  • Triangle With Rounded Corners
  • Prohibited Sign
  • Circled Information Source
  • Boys Symbol
  • Girls Symbol
  • Couch And Lamp
  • Sleeping Accommodation
  • Shopping Bags
  • Bellhop Bell
  • Bed
  • Hammer And Wrench
  • Shield
  • Oil Drum
  • Motorway
  • Railways Track
  • Motor Boat
  • Up-Pointing Military Airplane
  • Up-Pointing Airplane
  • Up-Pointing Small Airplane
  • Small Airplane
  • Northeast-Pointing Airplane
  • Airplane Departure
  • Airplane Arriving
  • Satellite
  • Oncoming Fire Engine
  • Diesel Locomotive
  • Passenger Ship

If you want to find a specific symbol, just do a Ctrl + F on your keyboard and type in your keyword.

Source: Unicode Blog, Unicode.org.

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