How to enable Facebook comment replies on any Profile?

Facebook rolled out comment replies on pages and for profiles with greater than 10,000 followers. But, not everyone has that many followers, right? Recently, Facebook also rolled this feature out for the residents of New Zealand. Hmm, that sound like we can do something for everyone.

Facebook is slow at rolling out updates. When I say slow, I mean, really slow. Here’s a method to enable comment replies on your Facebook profile. Follow the steps carefully. I have included images on required steps. This guide applies to Chrome.

  1. Firstly, close all open Facebook tabs from everywhere. Open a new tab and navigate to
  2. Now, fire up the console by hitting Ctrl + Shift + J at the same time.
  3. Click the small gear icon as shown.

    The "gear" icon in Chrome Console

    The “gear” icon in Chrome Console

  4. Click on “Overrides” -> “Enable” -> “Override Geolocation”, as shown in the screenshot.

    Follow steps

    Follow steps

  5. After that, enter these values :-
    • Lat: -41.211111
    • Lon: 174.781111

    Enter values

    Enter values

  6. After that, click on “Check In”. At this step, Chrome will ask you to allow location permission, allow it. Facebook will show locations from New Zealand now, because of the location override.
    Allow permission

    Allow permission

    Allow location permission

    You are in New Zealand, Facebook thinks so.

  7. As soon as Facebook show you any New Zealand location in the Check In option, just close the tab and open regular Facebook on and make a new post. Try commenting, you’ll see “Reply” option there! Enjoy!

    Facebook Comment Replies! yay!

    Facebook Comment Replies! yay!

Note: Comment Replies will only work for future posts.

This trick works just because Facebook tests nearly every new feature in New Zealand first, and it happened again. Anyways, have fun and share with your friends too!

Akshat loves to code, which is why he's a web developer. He founded Virtuaniz to serve his passion for tech, and currently serves as the Editor. You can follow him on the web: Website, Facebook, Twitter

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