Best alternatives to Google Adsense

Well,  yeah.  I see so many bloggers and web designers not being able to monetize their blog or websites, just because they think Google Adsense is the only way by which they can do it. No, it’s not. We have a good list of companies that shall let you earn from your blog or website. We’ll be discussing the best among the lot here –

1. Infolinks


I’ll rank it best in the lot of “Best alternatives to Google Adsense” as far as text advertisements are concerned. It provides users with PayPerClick (PPC) advertising system. I’ve used it personally, and I really feel that instead of waiting for your Google Adsense account to be approved, you should definitely try it out.

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Minimum Payout – $50 via PayPal

2. Chitika


Well, the environment is pretty much similar to Google Adsense. Though it might not have a great revenue, but it definitely lies among the top companies who help users monetize their blogs or websites.

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Minimum Payout – $10 via PayPal, $50 via Cheque

3. BuySellAds


You’ll definitely face a tough time getting a BuySellAds’ account. Once you’ve got hold of it, the journey will be a great one. It provides a store where the users can sell or buy ads.

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Minimum Payout – $50 via PayPal

4. Clicksor


I might not recommend it to a user who has recently launched a blog or his website. Clicksor is annoying, seriously it is. It shall return with a huge amount of pop-ups and in-text advertisements. The users might not like it and you might lose traffic. The only plus point is, they approve your account in a single click. You’ll not have to wait for long to monetize your blog or website if you use Clicksor.

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Minimum Payout – $50 via PayPal

5. Tribal Fusion


Again, the problem lies in getting your account approved. The users having huge amount of traffic and still not got their Adsense account approved, should definitely give this a try. And if you really have a good traffic, you can earn a lot from it. .

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Minimum Payout – $50 via cheque

Karan Uppal

Karan Uppal is the Editor-in-Chief for Virtuaniz. He is currently a bachelor student of Computer Science at Bangalore and is working with a few start-ups. Karan is a keen learner and loves to travel. He loves reviewing gadgets and claims them to hold an important part in his life. Follow him at @freezethinker to get his updates.

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