Facebook to reveal the ‘big idea’ on June 20

Facebook already surprise many by the addition of hashtags on the popular Social Network.

Facebook is now inviting press companies and journalists to attend the mystery event on June 20 at its Menlo Park, California Headquarters.

The invitation sent, according to ABC News, says: “A small team has been working on a big idea. Join us for coffee and learn about a new product.”

Facebook has denied to reveal any more information about the event. But what can the event be? Somewhat related to the company’s latest release of hashtags, which seriously was a delayed launch. There also seems to be some hints of Facebook RSS Reader. It’ll be a great release because the Google RSS Reader is shutting down on July 1.

Facebook's invitation

Facebook’s invitation

Karan Uppal

Karan Uppal is the Editor-in-Chief for Virtuaniz. He is currently a bachelor student of Computer Science at Bangalore and is working with a few start-ups. Karan is a keen learner and loves to travel. He loves reviewing gadgets and claims them to hold an important part in his life. Follow him at @freezethinker to get his updates.

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