Daughter to get $200 for de-activating her Facebook account for five months

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A father and daughter have signed in an agreement saying that the daughter will receive $200 for de-activating her Facebook account for five months, w.e.f. 4th February 2013 to 26th June 2013.

Paul Baier, shared the agreement on his blog ‘Practical Sustainability‘ where it is mentioned that the daughter will receive $50 on 15th April 2013 and would get the other $150 on successful completion of the target on 26th June 2013. The agreement also states that the daughter will have to give the account access to her father, in order to change the current password and de-activate the account. This will ensure that the daughter doesn’t re-activates the account again.


Paul Baier, in his blog, said that this was her daughter’s idea and he fully supports it. He even mentioned that this was not done in order to get Media attention. But, it was to inspire other parents and the children.

Do you think the child will be able to complete the five months, without the popular social networking website? Will this make the other children de-activate their account in return of rewards from parents?


Karan Uppal

Karan Uppal is the Editor-in-Chief for Virtuaniz. He is currently a bachelor student of Computer Science at Bangalore and is working with a few start-ups. Karan is a keen learner and loves to travel. He loves reviewing gadgets and claims them to hold an important part in his life. Follow him at @freezethinker to get his updates.

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